The Real Gun Number (the Sirhan gun) is something we cannot know with an absolute certainty – here are a few reasons


Before I begin, please note this correction. In my Addition to Paul Schrade Two I wrote “Appendix H: List And Description of  Trial Evidence” It correctly should read  “Appendix H: List And Description of Trial Exhibits” (this reminds me of my calling one of my sons by another son’s name –  it happens a lot)


The Sirhan gun number continues to remain unknown


There are far too many proofs of substituted bullets, shell casings, LAPD Property Reports, records and more for anyone to accept the Sirhan evidence at face value.


With the above in mind, let us take a close look at the transcript of the Rafer Johnson interview:


The transcript of Rafer Johnson’s interview at Ramparts Police Station concerning the  description of the alleged Sirhan gun must remain open to question on the grounds the description of the gun is inexcusably vague for an official report.  That transcript just  does not ring true.


May I remind the Reader that the fatal bullet numbers (Item #24 and Item # 25) were in fact proven to have been substituted.   (I testified to this very thing at the Jamie Scott Enyart trial)


Additionally, there is actual proof in SUS Records that the original Goldstein LAPD Property Report was substituted.


And not to forget there is the substituted LAPD Property Report for the torn gun label.


There is also the alteration and substitution of the LAPD Property Report for the Jake Williams gun – but there is something else


The information contained in the LAPD Property Report for the Jake Williams gun (#H-18602) was fully corroborated by the inside LAPD leaks William Harper received.  Harper’s LAPD informant reported that the Williams gun was discovered dis-assembeled  in the hollowed out clock compartment on the dashboard of the old Buick (the rod pin was missing – but otherwise the Jake Williams gun was all there).


Then, years later while going through the SUS 10 Volume Investigation Records I read a different account of how the LAPD first came into possession of the Jake Williams gun.


This account reported that during his arrest Jake Williams threw the gun in the bushes where it was subsequently recovered.


But that account is distinctly at odds with the LAPD Property Report for the Jake Williams gun in which the gun was discovered in the hollowed out clock compartment of  the dash board of the old Buick.


What possible reason could there be for two different stories about how the police took possession of the  JakeWilliams  gun?  I wonder if the “Jake Williams” gun was just one of the guns in LAPD Property Division -  and never belonged to Jake Williams.  Then suddenly the “Williams” gun was morphed from a Property Division gun into a test gun.


Why else would SUS hide the test shell casings in Peo. 55 envelope during Wolfer’s  trial testimony? (remember, gun # H18602 was written on Peo. 55 envelope)   And then go on to STEAL the examiner’s test shell casings from their test firing of gun #H53725.  Listen, that is not such a far- fetched possibility when one considers that Peo. 47 bullet base somehow turned into “DW””TN” from the original “TN31”.  No, I didn’t make up this dirty stuff.


There were simply too many false and irregular records concerning both the “Sirhan” gun and the “Jake Williams” gun.


To throw or not to throw (the case)


Do you know what? Throwing the case was bad enough – but shutting our eyes to the   actual proofs of fraudulent evidence is equally as bad.


Foolishly, I once believed in justice in our courts, but that was yesterday -  before I found out that our trusted officers of the court stand on both sides of the line (if necessary). (yes, this case is one big rotten apple)


Rose Lynn Mangan                      April 2, 2016