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This segment will cover the recent  Nina Rhodes’ claims,  the  recently  unsealed letter in the Lee Institute, Sirhan statements while undergoing recent hypnoses examinations  and another  look at  removing William Gardner,  Ambassador Hotel  head of security  from the pantry  prior to the assassination.  


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There are some some  strangely  puzzling  discrepencies in Sirhan’s  recent statements while under hypnoses wherein he attributes  the girl in the polka dress with  tapping him on the shoulder. And that triggered his going into the  trance state.  However,  the official SUS records  reveals it was Robert Kennedy campaign worker Richard Klase who tapped Sirhan on the shoulder in the pantry anteroom at about 11:00 p.m.


Why that is  worth exploring is  that following the tapping on the shoulder  incident Sirhan then entered the Embassy Room - and not the pantry - and more importantly the shoulder- tapping occurred   while Sirhan was not  yet in a trance state.  


In short,  what we see from the above is that Richard Klase’s statement is at odds with Sirhan’s account of this occurrance. 


 I do not suggest Sirhan is being untruthful. 





                                                                                   Nina Rhodes


A brief word about the recent story by the news media that Nina Rhodes heard 12-14  shots in the pantry.  This caused me to check the official pantry witness lists  to ascertain her position on  the pantry  grid at the time of the shooting -  (there were two pantry witness lists - one lists 56 witnesses and the other lists 70 witnesses). I found her name was not on either witness list and therefore not on the pantry grid.   I must inform  the reader that these  pantry  witness lists  cannot be considered totally accurate. This is due to Donald Schulman’s name not  appearing on  either of the pantry witness lists when the record is  clear that Schulman was in the pantry at the time of the shooting because Schulman spoke to victim Ira Goldstein  moments prior to  Goldstein being shot.  So we know he was there.

 It is important to note the records indicate Robert Kennedy entered the pantry some 25 plus  feet ahead of Rhodes and  Kennedy was some 29 feet  East of  the pantry doors when the shooting occurred. 



                                                   Donald Schulman , Thane Eugene Cesar and Ambassador Hotel  Head of Security  William Gardner

There is something about the removal of  the  Ambassador’s  head of security (Gardner) from the pantry area  prior to the shooting which continued to  disturb me.

  It will be remembered pantry  witness Don Schulman reported seeing a security  guard shoot Kennedy  so everyone assumed the guard he saw was Thane Eugene Cesar. But, what if Schulman actually  DID see a security guard shoot Kennedy - but the “guard” he saw  was  the hit man who was wearing a RENTED  security guard’s uniform - complete with a gun???? Isn’t that what Willie “the actor” Sutton did? And doesn’t that explain why it was imperative that Gardner be sent on that fool’s errand.??? Because, it  will be remembered , it  was Gardner who called Ace Security Guard Service for additional  security  guards.  Gardner  had spoken with each  guard  that night about his  assignments.  Certainly  Gardner would immediately have spotted an imposter   (rent-a-uniform guard ).

The Ambassador Hotel’s security numbered twelve and with the six guards called in by Gardner that made a total of eighteen security guards  on duty in the Ambassador Hotel that night.   Thane Eugene Cesar was asked  by  Ace Security Guard  to come to  work that night  because they were short  one man .  Since Cesar  had   just finished his regular  day shift at Lockheed   Ace  asked him to do them a favor  by offering to sweeten the pot  by  making the shift shorter .  As I recall, he was allowed to  report to work an hour later.  Cesar  accepted the offer.


                                                               Revisiting CIA Operative Robert D.  Morrow ‘s  conclusion

The above information is at  serious odds with what CIA  operative Robert Morrow  wrote in his book The Senator Must Die. Morrow  failed to  take into consideration that  the hit man  might be disguised as a security guard.   It appears Morrow  thought like a CIA operative.  Then too , it is most likely Morrow did not  include  Schulman  in his book because he had not seen those records. His focus was on SAVAC operatives.

As much as I respect  Morrow’s intelligence I was simply unable to dismiss   Schulman’s standing firm about seeing a security guard shoot Kennedy. 

 The fake security guard scenario  does  appear to make sense - if for no other reason than a fake security guard  wearing a gun in the pantry setting would appear perfectly normal .  He would not seem out of place .  Additionally,  he would be free to move about  without arousing any suspicion.  In fact he would look like he belonged there.   While the rent-a-uniform “security guard” scenario  makes a great deal of  sense it is not  based on facts .

 I believe the mistake happened when everyone assumed Schulman was referring to Thane Eugene Cesar as the security guard he saw  who shot Kennedy.



                                                                  The  sealed letter Click here



After giving it a great deal of thought I decided to include a copy of an extremely  disturbing letter Sirhan wrote in 1975 - which I received shortly after Adel Sirhan died - 2001 .


During the many years I spent researching the Robert F. Kennedy assassination  records I never  had any reason to suspect Sirhan wrote the terrible things he did  in this letter. I could not believe what I was reading. 


Several  years ago I included this letter in my Sirhan  research donation to the Dr. Henry Lee Institute with the provision that it remain sealed until Sirhan’s passing.  At the time I placed  that restriction on the letter the Sirhan case was stalled and I did not want the Lee Institute Examiners to be influenced by  its contents.


Now,  however, with  the renewed  interest in the Sirhan evidence I felt that provision was no longer necessary . I  therefore notified the Lee Institute that I am removing all restrictions on Sirhan’s sealed letter.


Rose Lynn Mangan ,    May  14, 2012