Mea Culpa –that is my plea for the long delays in writing my historically important Reports. It is all too clear that these behind the scenes crimes were fiercely protected by a badly flawed judicial system . And why would I feel I could bring these frauds out in the open?


I admit to often being too frightened to write about these discoveries. But, these are my twilight years (87) so what’s to be afraid?


As Martin Luther said: “Here I Stand” -  that is my position; my Reports, while unpopular with my own government are entirely based on true facts, and I stand by them.

(I am not at war with my government, but I do not believe in lies – no matter how high up they reach)


This scathing Report exposes one of the greatest frauds in the entire Robert F. Kennedy assassination investigation and there is no one on the face of this earth who can disagree with me.  And here’s why:


I make the serious charge that instead of entering the actual fatal bullet (Item # 24 & Item # 25) into evidence at the Sirhan trial – the phantom numbers (Item # 26 & Item # 27) that exist on paper alone, was fraudulently entered in evidence in its place. – at the trial!


Item # 26 & Item # 27 do not physically exist. That is a true fact.


 In my latest Report “What If” I assumed the Reader was aware of these facts:


No. 1 The evidence jar containing the fatal bullet  and fragments was first marked and identified as  # 24. This glass jar measures about 3” long with a black plastic screw top with an attached piece of cloth tape applied to the front.


No. 2  There are three separate sites where in Item # 24 was written on 6-5-68

a-    One is the above described glass evidence jar with # 24 written on the attached piece of cloth tape.

b-    The writings on this cloth tape contain the following: information:

c-    “#24,   6 – 13 DW

      PID 3, Bullet & Fragments”

 (there are a few unclear letters immediately preceding the date 6-13)

d-    There is an Official LAPD Evidence tag with the original Item  # 24 that was written over and renumbered in a heavier ink to now read Item # 26

e-    There is also an LAPD Property Report that was also written over and renumbered from the original  Item # 24 to now read Item # 26

f-     I remind the Reader there is NO  physical evidence for Item # 26 and NO physical evidence for Item #27.

g-    Item # 26 & Item # 27 are simply Phantom Numbers that were illegally written over  the above two legal evidence documents.


Now let us examine Item # 25.

This is a small glass cylindrical vial that measures approximately ½ inch diameter by 2” long with a cork stopper. It contains a very small sliver of a fragment of the fatal bullet and a little slip of paper with the typewritten  “Item # 25”.


And as we see the George Ross Clayton photographs were also marked Item # 24 but  notice this LAPD Property Report is chronologically out of numerical order.


The same treatment occurred for Item # 25.


There is no way on God’s green earth that this was an innocent bungling error. The dual numbering of Item # 24/Item# 25 for the fatal bullet & fragment AND at the same time  the George Ross Clayton photographs and negatives begs credulity.


And remember the Clayton photographs and negatives were shamelessly palmed off to Jamie Scott Enyart missing photographs and negatives. Then, like a bad soap box story, the Clayton/Enyart negatives were stolen from the courier while enroute to the court !!!! 


No, I did not make that one up.


The extraordinary fact is this - Item # 24 and/Item # 25 RENUMBERING to now read the paper only -the physically non-existent Item # 26 and Item # 27  was then entered into evidence at the Sirhan trial to defraud the trial judge and jury.


Again, no, I did not make up this screwball fraud


The importance of the writing “PID 3 “ on the ONLY evidence jar for the fatal bullet must not be overlooked.


Did you notice that “ PID 3”  was written on the cloth tape of the evidence jar marked #24 ????   That means that Item # 24 resides within that evidence jar – and  positively  not the paper stand-in Item # 26. 


This tells you that the 1975 examiners should have known “#24” is the correct Item #  and NOT the false substituted  “Item  #26”.


Allright, let us closely examine Patrick Garland’s description of Item # 24 in his Evidence Inventory.


Look at this


The switch goes on  - in 1975 a box replaced the glass evidence jar containing the fatal bullet !!!!!!


Carefully examine Lowell Bradford’s handwritten notation (on his Bullet Worksheet) of a box that contained the fatal bullet !!!!!!. So this tells us the examiners never received the 3” glass jar containing the actual fatal bullet.


Bradford’s reporting of the fatal Kennedy bullet being in a box instead of the glass  evidence jar is extremely important. The reason for the switching out of the true evidence jar for the box is the tell-tale  “PID 3”, “ # 24”,  “Bullets”, “ 6-13”  date, and the initials “DW”.  (see these amazing documents in my  below cited references)


We plainly see there was a substitution of the original evidence jar marked “# 24” with the box in 1975.


Clearly, the examiners didn’t pay attention to the switching of the glass evidence jar to a box containing the largest fatal bullet fragment – additionally, the examiners ignored Patrick Garland’s  incorrect description  of  Item # 24 whereby he reported Item # 24 was in a  vial.  Yes, he actually wrote “VIAL”




This tells us the examiners received a box which contained the “fatal bullet” while at the very same time Garland’s Evidence Inventory records the fatal bullet ( Item # 24)  being in a vial !!!!!  I tell you that Garland chap has some explaining to do.


Actually Garland wasn’t the crook in this matter – someone in SUS stabbed him in the back. And he apparently didn’t feel it.


I must repeat these unbelievable facts


In plain English – Garland’s Evidence Inventory describes   # 24 as a “ Vial” - that is patently untrue. The fatal bullet is in fact housed in the glass jar  measuring about 3” long with a black screw plastic top and the writings “PID 3”, “ # 24” “ Bullets”, the date “6-13” and the initials “DW”.  The ONLY “vial” is Item # 25. (this sort of thing is truly puzzling because Garland himself wrote “PID 3” on  the Evidence jar containing the fatal bullet fragment.)


Why didn’t Garland remember writing “ PID 3” on the evidence jar and NOT the vial?


There is still more in the Patrick Garland Evidence Inventory -


There are the numerous falsehoods with the Evidence Envelopes -  Take the time to CLOSELY examine Patrick Garland’s Evidence Inventory for the evidence envelopes. You will see the wrong dates, June 6 should be June 5 on the appropriate envelopes.


Most of the evidence envelopes are in fact replacements.




But there is one authentic evidence envelope. This is GJ5B Evidence Envelope filled out by Officer Melendrez and you will plainly see Melendrez writes the correct date he test fired gun # H- 53725 (June 5). That is the only evidence envelope I would take to the bank.          


  I urge the Reader to minutely examine Patrick Garland’s Evidence Inventory – there are  far too many errors for me to list here.


See this for yourself in these Reports:


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We will never know the identity of the monsters who had the extraordinary power to  freely vandalize the evidence and the documents - including the substituted Item numbers for the fatal Kennedy bullet/ and fragment.  Remember, this was achieved by writing over the original Item numbers on official documents with the substituted phantom Item numbers (Item # 26 & Item # 27).


These were no amateurs


My painstaking research is all about outing those bastards and their acts of criminality. And I provided bona fide proofs of fraudulent evidence as well as frauds in the official records in the RFK/Sirhan case. All this for deaf ears


Here is the very heart of my charge –  Both  # 24 & Item # 25 are legally recorded  items of evidence.  These are the  glass vial  (Item # 25) and the evidence jar containing the largest death bullet fragment  - with “ PID 3”, “ Bullets”, “6-13” and  “DW” initials written on # 24 Item jar. 


Therefore I ask - where is the physical bullet that was palmed off as Item # 26? And where is the physical sliver of a bullet fragment that was likewise palmed off as Item # 27?  Item # 26 and Item # 27 exist on PAPER only.


I repeat, Item # 26 and Item # 27 do not physically exist on this planet. That is a true fact.They are  phantom  numbers that were written on paper. 


My charge


I make the serious and factual charge that Item # 26 and Item # 27 do not physically exist.


There is only one way for the prosecution to refute my charge  and that is to produce the actual physical Item # 26 and the actual physical Item # 27 along with their documented paper trail.  Can’t be done.


Where is the documented chain of custody for Item # 26 and Item # 27?  That too can’t be done. Period.


And so again I ask the prosecution to produce to me the actual, the physical Item # 26  &  Item # 27.  They do not physically exist.


The fact is no one can produce Item # 26 & Item # 27 because they exist on paper alone. They are not now and never were actual  physical bullets. They are phantom paper  numbers that were meant to deceive the trial judge and the jury in a court of law.


Those saps got just what they deserve because trial Judge Walker sat in on that secret  meeting in his chambers whereby an agreement to stipulate to bullets without a foundation was agreed to by both prosecution and defense attorneys (Sirhan Trial Transcript page 3967)


Trial Judge Walker had no business to agree – carte blanche - ahead of time to bullets without a foundation in his court. Judge Walker knew these no- foundation bullets wouldn’t pass the smell test.


I charge, the switching of the fatal Kennedy bullet in court opens up questions about a  different bullet manufacture, bullets fired from another gun, different bullet caliber, another crime scene shooter, etc.


Yes, yes, we were all Royally screwed.


 Rose Lynn Mangan         April 18, 2016