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When I read Judge Andrew J. Wistrich’s  Order Requiring Lodging of Petitioner’s Exhibits my first thought was - What a brilliant move!


And that made me wonder - What if Judge Wistrich had been Sirhan’s trial judge- would this foul-smelling carcass still be dragging  itself through the courts 44+ years later?  Of course not.  What went so wrong?


It is  most unfortunate Judge Wistrich wasn’t sitting in trial Judge Herbert V. Walker’s chair back  in 1969. I refer of course to both the sub- rosa meeting in trial Judge Walker’s chambers on Feb. 21, ‘69 re bullet stipulations,  and to Judge Walker’s giving a free pass to Sirhan Defense attorney  Emil Zola Berman who leaked the (2) ultra-secret plea talks to the Eastern newsmen  - on the very same night of the talks - and prior to the jury being sequestered !! Yes, that chicanery actually did happen.


Then there were the infamous bullet/gun stipulations


So unorthadox was the bullet stipulation meeting in Judge Walker’s chambers that Sirhan Chief Investigator Robert Blair Kaiser was NOT  let in on it!!! He was kept in the dark because the defense team knew he wouldn’t stand for it.


During the plea talks in Judge Walkers chambers (on about Feb. 11 and 12, ‘69) the only persons prsent were D.A. Evelle Younger, the three prosecutors , three defense attorneys, Sirhan and the trial Judge Herbert V. Walker !!!!!!! With all of those precautions in place, the very next morning (after each plea talk) the Eastern press scooped the Western news papers with the story of the secret plea deals.


Didn’t that have the effect of painting the letter “G” on Sirhan’s forehead? 


It should be noted there is no record in the trial transcript of those two days of plea talks. And thanks to Berman’s leaks to his Eastern news cronies, the jurors saw the screaming headlines while they still were not sequestered. Sure, the judge questioned each juror in his chambers about their not allowing the plea talks to affect their  impartially weighing the facts. Isn’t that like unringing a bell?


My question, since the judge put on a good “show” by questioning each juror - why didn’t he get to the bottom of the source of the leaks and question each person present in his chambers during  plea talks - UNDER OATH? Judge Walker didn’t want to know the answer. So the show went on.


Yes, Berman  was given a free pass  - Cooper,  Kaiser and reporter Ron Einstoss all told me the exact same story of Berman’s leaks. Just what did he think he was doing to Sirhan’s right to a fair trial?  Since Judge Walker didn’t question each person present in his chambers during plea talks they kept their mouths shut. And it didn’t come to light  until I asked questions about it and made it public. And I’m still talking about that unbelievable treachery. Kaiser provided a statement of this affair to attorney Teeter to include in  his 1997 Court filing. (I wanted that treachery in the court record.)


Why, I ask, didn’t Cooper report Berman’s conduct to Judge Walker? But, no, better to keep quiet and throw Sirhan under the bus. Just whose side were Sirhan attorneys on anyway?


The above abuses in Sirhan’s trial should be examined  and studied in every law school in the land.  (And I do not give excuses for my disappointment with the legal system)


It is important to make this point clear - I am not Sirhan’s apologist, in fact we no longer communicate with each other. I walked out on Sirhan team - not on my independent research.


(see exhibits )

also,  see SUS documents for exact date and hour of Weisel and Schrade surgeries !!!!!!!


On June 29, 2012 the court writes Pepper/Dusek: “Petitioner’s counsel shall have fourteen (14) days from the date of this order within which to lodge with the Court a copy of those exhibits.” (re new charges made by Sirhan attorneys Peppe Walker?r and Dusek in their recent Court filings)


Isn’t  one of the very things the Court  is asking for are the exhibits supporting P/D charge that the Kennedy neck bullet (Peo. 47) was switched at trial? That in the Sirhan trial time frame a switched Kennedy neck bullet was stipulated into evidence?


From the start I vigorously challenged Pepper/Dusek’s unproven and misleading charge (K neck bullet switched in trial time frame).  And I called for Sirhan attorneys to produce the exhibits which they relied on to arrive at their charge. I did so because it was my original research ( switching  of the Kennedy neck bullet) which P/D writes about - even though the Court  was not informed that I am the author/researcher.


 Here is Pepper/Dusek’s  insurmountable problem:


Read page 38 of attorney Lawrence Teeter’s  Petition For Writ of Habeas Corpus (May, 1997): “There is no evidence as to what bullet was presented at trial, except that if it was the same exhibit that was shown to the panelists in 1975, it was “DW””TN” and not “TN31”


Attorney Teeter clearly tells the court  “there is no evidence as to what bullet was presented at trial”  while still leaving the door open about the possibility and uncertanty  of the bullet being “DW””TN”. In other words Larry is telling the appeals court - I don’t know if the K neck bullet  presented at Sirhan trial was authentic or inauthentic.


What Teeter did NOT tell the court is that the K neck bullet was switched at  trial. And that is precisely the argument I have with Pepper/Dusek using my research.


 I suspect the mainstream media, as usual,  will fail to appreciate  the significance of what is taking place in these court filings. From the outset , most of the media did not have a clue as to what was really going on  (case in point - didn’t the top reporters who were given prize courtroom seats in the Sirhan trial snooze right through literally  ALL of the BULLET  STIPULATIONS ?). Just what were those sharp trial reporters taking up limited courtroom seats for? (I know what I’m talking about since I had no trouble at all spotting those highly irregular  blanket stipulations for the bullets) And as I recall Cooper couldn’t stipulate the bullets into evidence fast enough - like his house was on fire!


And I make no excuses for my low opinion of  most of the puffed-up  members of the Fourth Estate who have a bad habit of snoring.


I say that because I believe not only  was Sirhan  (and his right to a fair trial) let down by his trial attorneys and the trial judge, but also by  the mainstream media. (the Sirhan case was and is  not their shining hour)


 And now we expect the appeals courts to clean up the miserable mess they left behind.


Rose Lynn Mangan   July 13, 2012