(identified as Item 12 in LAPD Property Report on 6-5-68 and next as 7A in LACGJ on 6-7-68 and finally as Peo. 21 at the Sirhan trial on 2-24-69)


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This report will contain irrefutable proof of the switching of the original eight shell casings which had been removed from the Iver Johnson revolver serial number H 53725 in the early morning hours of 6-5-68 - within hours of Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination. At some point shortly thereafter, these eight crime scene shell casings were in fact substituted with fakes. This is clearly seen in these stunning photographs.

(provided, of course, gun H-53725 is the actual crime scene gun)


First I would like to begin with


I will re-word, for the purpose of clarity and accuracy, the subject of the eradiction in Sirhan records of the two shell casings in Peo. 55 which I covered in Evidence From Hell.


Please note the correct year is 1969 and not 1968 when LAPD Officer DeWayne Wolfer testified in the Sirhan trial (Evidence From Hell, Part 1).


In Part 11, under the section “Here is what I found” I wrote “All of the Sirhan test shell casings were either removed from their envelopes or have disappared (Wenke examiners’...)


There are only two known setsof test shell casings in the Sirhan case.

The first  set of test shell casings should have been entered into evidence during the Sirhan trial, however, they were not. (Peo. 55)

The second set of test shell casings were the hell casings from the court ordered re-firing of the Sirhan weapon, gun # H 53725 in 1975.

Unfortunately, these eight test shell casings have disappeared from California State Archives.


But for the Howard/Trapp Memorandum and a personal viewing of the Sirhan ballistics evidence in the California State Archives and my photographs of Peo. 55 contents, we would not know Peo. 55 two shell casings even existed.




the two test shell casings in Peo. 55 PHYSICALLY exist in the California State Archives. They do NOT exist in Sirhan official records.




Examine the  pin strike mark on the CCI shell casing depicted in the photograph which depicts a total of eight shell casings with one shell casing in e vertical position which clearly shows a distinctive pin strike mark. (see exhibit)


Compare the pin strike mark on the shell casing purported to be the crime scene shell casing in CSA with the photographs I took at CSA of Peo. 21 shell casings. They are in fact two distinctly different strike marks which can only have occurred from the firing of two different guns.


Additionally, compare the pin strike mark on Peo. 55 shell casing.


Next, closely examine the first photograph taken of the Sirhan gun (see exhibit)


You will see lying on the table next to the gun is the envelope containing the eight shell casings which were removed from this weapon. Missing on the envelope is the writing “7A”. This is due to the fact that the LACGJ did not meet until two days later, at which time 7A was written on this Los Angeles County Grand Jury exhibit. This tells us, unquestionably,we are in the right ballpark.


A word of explanation concerning the white streaks seen on this photograph - probably made from my flash bulb reflecting off the protective plastic case.


I do not hesitate in declaring that the original shell casings depicted in the photograph taken by LAPD on 6-5-68 were in fact substituted - just as I discovered to be the case with the substitution of Peo. 47 and Peo. 52 bullets.


I can only say I found most of the Sirhan evidence to be fraudulent. I cannot say why the evidence was switched and replaced with bogus evidence.


Rose Lynn Mangan   January, 2014