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This report requires an enormous amount of concentration - not for the squeamish


The anatomy of a truly grand hoax:


The Los Angeles Police Department Property Report dated 6-5-68, 11:30 PM lists the following  items of evidence removed from the Sirhan vehicle on Wilshire and New Hampshire and booked at Ramparts Headquarters at 3:30 A.M.:


“At 11/30 P.M. 6-5-68 sups veh a 1956 DeSoto 2 dr. pink & wht lic # JWS093. ID.# 62050511. pkd in 600 block of New Hampshire Ave. just south of Wilshire Blvd. was searched. Below items removed from veh. BKD Ramp. Property.

All items marked C.D.W. for I.D.

Item no. 46  (quantity) 2 spent slugs

Item no. 47  (quantity) 1  22. cal. bullet

Item no.  48 (quantity) 1  Blk leather wallet. with drivers Lic. and misc. I.D. of above arrestee.

Item no.  49 (quantity)  1  1 Canada Dollar.  Removed from wallet #P/M 6310501

Item no.  50 (quantity)  1  Key ring. containing 6 keys. and a tag. with lic #JWS093.

Item no.  51 (quantity)  1  Card. Lock, Stock ‘n Barrel. fine guns. 8972 E. Huntington Dr. San Gabriel.


Item. #46 was found on rt front passengers seat of veh.

Items # 47-48-49-50-51. were removed from glove compartment of veh.

(search of veh. was in response to search warrant)”


It is important to note the reporting Officer was C.D. White #7974 and that he wrote in this report “All items marked C.D.W. for I.D.”  Equally important is the fact that Officer C.D. White BOOKED these items at  Ramp. Headquarters. The reader will see how important this information becomes in the Sirhan case.


The next  numerical entry in the LAPD Property Report is Item no. 52 ,  a letter and envelope addressed to Senator R.F. Kennedy. Envelope marked LMO for ID (of no import)


Next we see Item numbers  53 through 81. Note NONE of  those item numbers (53-81)  is associated  even remotely with items recovered from Sirhan vehicle previously  reported by Officer White. (isn’t that  interesting?)


Then, suddenly, out of nowhere we see  the next LAPD Property Report was filled out by reporting Officer C.D. White  #7974 which lists Item no. 82 as 5 sheets 8’5 by 10’ with printing & writing as  having been removed from back seat of arrestees veh. This time Officer  White did not mark his initials C.D.W. for I.D. on the evidence. And he booked that evidence at  “Cent.” - Central and not Ramparts. I ask why the difference in booking location since they were part of the same vehicle search? And why the skip in item numbers (31 item numbers later) ? What was going on?


I in fact stumbled across one giant hoax


We see the  next LAPD Property Report  continues with items removed from Sirhan vehicle They are  Item numbers 83- 101. Yes I said item # 83.  What is different now is that the reporting officer is no longer  the lower-ranked Officer White but a really big cheese  -  Lt. A.S. Hegge.#4360 !  - the man near the top of the food chain. But that’s not all - I noticed the “Supervisor Approval” box was also signed-off  by Hegge! (I wrote about this in an earlier report because I could not believe what was going on).


Here’s the problem


Note there are 18 item numbers in  reporting officer Lt. Hegge’s Prop.Rep. Sixteen items were not connected with the glove compartment contents, however Items #86 & #88  were since they were  removed from glove compartment at the same time as Officer White removed Items #46-#51.  Question - Why were #86 & #88 taken from him?


Item #86 is none other than   “1 (quantity) Sales receipt #2372, Lock, Stock N’ Barrel, Dated 6-1-68” !


Item # 88 is   “1 (quantity)  Ammo box, emty (sic), labelled - Mini Mag 22 long rifle H.P.x” !


I smell a giant rat


Lt. Hegge wrote  “None of the above items have been booked (pause)               at property division.” !!!!!!!!!!(note the long pause after the word “booked”) I wonder what is missing ? But, more importantly, why did Hegge fail to book Item numbers #86 & #88 into evidence?


So, where did these two little orphans  go (item #86 & item #88)   without their birth certificates?


They went straight into the open arms of S.I.D. Who needs to file a bothersome booking report anyway? And who needs the reporting officer’s marking the evidence for ID purposes?  What foolishness.


Here are my charges:


Lock, Stock ‘N Barrel sales receipt # 2372 was Not BOOKED into evidence and  NOT MARKED for ID purposes by Lt. Hegge #4360  - on the same date, place (veh. glove compartment)  and  for the same incident (search warrant) that Officer White booked item numbers 46 - 51 into evidence !!  My BIG QUESTION - Why was #86 and #88 separated  AND REMOVED from item numbers 46-51 - after all  they came from the same  glove compartment at the same time !!  And why take these two crucial pieces of evidence (#86 & #88)  out of  Officer White’s hands???


More bad acts


The PHOTOGRAPH, instead of the actual  Lock, Stock ‘N Barrel sales receipt was ENTERED into evidence with the Los Angeles County Grand Jury on 6-7-68 because - the excuse given was - fingerprint tests were not completed on L,S ‘N B sales receipt. Well,  that is patently untrue because I found a  time-line document in SUS records which clearly reports the fingerprint test results were in fact completed on 6-6-68. That is one day PRIOR to the LACGJ Hearing. !!


The cheap knock-off


Closely examine the clear photograph of the Lock, Stock ‘N Barrel sales receipt (before it was sent off to meet its just deserts)  and you will see writing at the mid-lower right - not on the receipt itself - but immediately next to it -  with the following identifying  information:  “68-521466  6-6-68 JW”    Note - Jimmy Watson (the photographer)  photographed an UNMARKED (for ID purposes) document which also was not booked into evidence for the sole purpose of presenting this fraudulent “evidence” as an official - looking  document. With Jimmy Watson’s official -looking crime lab photograph - it looked just like the real thing  -  which of course it was not.  It was a cheap knock-off..


After all, what are the chances anyone would ever question the credentials of an official-  looking crime lab photograph? Yes, those rascalls were smart.


 Watson’s official-looking  photograph  was designed to function for one specific  purpose - make a fake document look like a bona fide piece of evidence for future authenticating purposes. How would you like it if this happened to you?


The chutzpa of those folks at SUS  - not the Los Angeles Police Department- never ceases to amaze me.


Don’t quarrel with success


Isn’t the above the very same MO that was so successfully used when a gun represented to belong to Sirhan Sirhan  was entered into evidence with the Los Angeles County Grand Jury on 6-7-68 WITHOUT RECORDING the gun’s serial number in the record? Technically, that amounted to a numberless gun being entered into evidence with the LACGJ on 6-7-68 without anyone  even skipping a beat.  (not even raising an eyebrow)


And now we see an encore performance by entering a PHOTOGRAPH of  a FAKE bullet sales receipt into evidence in  both the LACGJ  and  in the Sirhan trial !!!! That, dear reader is a  true fact which I went to great lengths to prove-up. I repeat - a photograph of a fake receipt was entered into evidence with the Los Angeles County Grand Jury on 6-7-68 and in the Sirhan trial .


There is no denial, the Lock,Stock ‘N Barrel bullet sales receipt is a copy of the  fraudulently created  Sportarm sales receipt !! While both sales receipts had the identical FFL number I learned from AT&F records the FFL number (on both sales receipts) does not even exist.  And a comparison of the letterhead logo on both sales receipts is identical. Additionally, both Sportarm and Lock,Stock ‘N Barrel sales receipts have the very same sales number printed at top right - #2372 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But,  wait, there is more. The photo of Sportarm sales receipt in SUS files bears the Sirhan DR number (68-521466) at the right and an FBI number at the bottom !  


Reader, stop and think about what I just wrote. Then ask yourself why was Sirhan’s DR number and an FBI number written on the Sportarm evidence photograph? And, that Sportarm (sales receipt) photograph is identical to the Lock,Stock ‘N Barrel sales receipt photograph.


Sirhan trial testimony


When questioned about the purchase of mini mag bullets Sirhan testified to buying one box of mini mag bullets which differed from the L,S ‘N B sales receipt which listed two boxes of mini mag bullets.


 There were allegations made that men with foreign accents  (who resembled Sirhan brothers) tried to buy armor-piercing bullets from a clerk in L,S ‘N B gun shop. The District Attorney exerted great pressure on the Sirhan brothers to come in for an official line-up for gun clerks to look them over. I personally witnessed the panic in the entire Sirhan family over the D.A.’s relentless pressure for a line-up. I wondered if Sirhan agreed to testify to mini mag purchase to leave his brothers alone.


I wrote to Sirhan asking if he bought mini mag bullets at L,S ‘N B gun shop on 6-1-68 - but he failed to respond. I suspect he is not happy at my  walking out on team Sirhan.


On becoming invisible


Since I walked out on Sirhan team,  in my opinion, I have become a persona non grata and that is perhaps the reason Sirhan’s present attorneys Pepper and Dusek used my research  in their court filings without affording me an opportunity to review how my research was being used and were there any errors or misrepresentations I should be aware of. No mention that I was the author/researcher. I became invisible.


My important Dicoveries:


Here is my chance to speak out against those indignities.  I refer of course to the many  truly important discoveries I made in the course of my lengthy investigation of Sirhan evidence, e.g., I discovered the following: 

Discovery of switched bullets (including Kennedy neck bullet and Goldstein bullet) in 1975 Patrick Garland Evidence Inventory 

Discovery of the alteration  of  Item # 24 and #25 to # 26 and  #27 on the official evidence envelope containing the fatal bullet and fragment  (I testified about this in Jamie Scott Enyart trial)

Discovery of LACGJ receiving Sirhan gun in evidence without recording  the gun’s serial number in LACGJ transcript

Discovery of the true identity of the two comparison bullets in Special Exhibit 10 photograph

Discovery of GJ5B  (four test  from gun #H53725) were switched bullets

Discovery of the Baggett Memo buried in SUS files

Discovery of transfer of gun #H53725 to SUS on 8-24-68 and marked CONFIDENTIAL

Discovery of the missing 1975 test bullets and shell casings

Discovery of  the destruction of the triplicate copy  of the DROS

Discovery of  both the fraudulent Sportarm and Lock,Stock ‘N Barrel bullet sales receipts  Discovery of Lt. Hegge’s failure to mark and book evidence

Discovery of fraudulent  LAPD Property Report forWeisel bullet

Discovery of fraudulent Calkins LAPD Property Report and  missing Evidence Envelope 

Discovery of the Druley test bullets

Discovery of A,B,C envelope series-  with # H53725 photo a major find, etc.

Most of the above became the basis of the court filings by Sirhan attorneys. 


I would like to add this thought. I miss Bill Harper, a highly respected criminalist, for his  great honesty and integrity. And if the truth be told, I feel truly priveleged to have worked  so closely with him on this case.  He and I experienced enormous challenges. Nothing  ever came easy.


His height was barley  5’7”  - but, to me he stood every bit of 10 feet tall. And I want him to be remembered for how special he was. Without his generous help the Robert F. Kennedy Assssination Investigation would  almost certainly never have taken place. He was a  real hero and he should not be forgotten.


Rose Lynn Mangan   August 19, 2012