Goodbye Justice


The murder of Allard Lowenstein was in no small part responsible for my reluctance over the years to report my discovery of the fraudulent fatal bullet that was received in evidence at the Sirhan trial. Do not forget these killers will stop at nothing to shut you up.


And I knew it.


Reader, take a close look at Sirhan Trial Transcript page 4130. That single page should be required reading in all of our  law schools as a lesson in justice at its darkest.  If only someone had the courage to question what was going on.


My last few Reports covered the monumental fraud of the fake RFK fatal  bullet  that was  received in evidence at the Sirhan trial as Item # 26/Item # 27 (Peo. 48)  -  but I don’t know how I missed Prosecutor Fitts telling the court that the fatal bullet and fragment  were in “vials”. That is patently false.


The fact is the fatal bullet was housed in a glass hospital specimen jar that had unmistaken identification writings on the affixed adhesive tape  and the tiny sliver of the bullet fragment was housed in a small vial.


No one could possibly mistakenly describe the hospital specimen jar to be a vial. On the face of this bold fraud it appears as if lead Prosecutor David Fitts outright lied to the court. But that may not at all be the case. I suspect Fitts was given  the fraudulent Item # 26/Item # 27 (Peo. 48) and that he did not know he was being duped by SUS.


Yes,  Fitts was the shiniest penny at the trial, but he also imbibed (sometimes too much according to Mary Sirhan). And that might be why he never suspected the evidence placed in his hands was not bona fide.


The fact of the matter is – we were all lied to and I make no apologies for the delays in (faithfully) reporting this rotten business; it takes courage to stand up to bullies.


Or to put it another way – when we are witness to a crime, are we allowed to remain silent or cry out for someone to help?  Here is my moral question:


Should Joling have remained silent and bury the photomicrograph negative given to him by Dr. Noguchi? Or was I right to go public with my discovery that that comparison  photomicrograph was actually Special Exhibit 10  which depicted Peo. 47 and Peo. 52 with fraudulent ID markings on their bullet bases? To bury or not to bury a crime?


Rose Lynn Mangan                        June  11, 2016