Door Frame Bullets – too many bullets in the pantry


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This Report will present proof that the two spent bullets reportedly found during a search of Sirhan’s car on the front passenger seat is yet another, in a long list of proven fraudulent evidence, still another case of open fraud. 


Years ago I spoke with former FBI agent William Bailey about his seeing two bullets lodged in the door frame post in the Ambassador Hotel pantry on 6-5-68. He assured me   he was certain of what he saw -  that two bullets were embedded in the door post of the pantry.


Well, here is the documented proof that this honest man was telling the truth. And what reason would he have to lie?


I make the serious charge that the official LAPD Property Report reveals proof positive of three things – first,  there was a falsification of the origin of the Sirhan car bullets and second, these two bullets were switched and third they were reported to have been  transferred to SUS on 8-24-68.  There is no denial, these records confirm my serious charges .


Let us examine the records


I am presenting two copies of the same LAPD Property Report for Item # 46. Carefully compare them, and what you will see on one of them is the writing  “All Contents Trans to SUS – Miller 11152 – 8/24/68”  Additionally, there is this stamped information “RECEIPT FILE AUG 24 1968”  And to the right the number 24 is written within a circle.


This LAPD Property Report dated 6-5-68 records the booking of two bullets from the 1956 De Soto which were identified as Item #46. Then, on 6-7-68 the Los Angeles County Grand Jury received these two bullets in evidence and were given the new identification Grand Jury “6D”.  Next, these two bullets were received in evidence in the Sirhan trial under the identity Peo. 38,  and lastly, at the 1975 Wenke Hearing examination at which time they were given the new identity Panel ID  # “1 and 1a”.  (the reason I am going into this great detail with the different numbering systems is to avoid almost certain  confusion)


Here now is the proof I promised.  The two spent bullets identified as Peo. 38 are in fact fraudulent and switched bullets. (it takes very close examination to spot it)


Examiner Patrick Garland’s Evidence Inventory reports the following:


“People’s Exhibit No. 38


Stapled envelope with 2 tags, Case   #A233 421

Envelope marked:

#46 Vehicle License No JWS 093

CDW (2 spent slugs)  6-D  38

    Envelope marked  Panel ID  #1 and 1a


Panel ID No. 1   Contents :  2 bullets as :

1 lead-coated, no ID marking, 2 grooves.

11/2 land impressions, wood imbedded in mushroomed area.

Panel ID No. 1a    1 copper colored coated bullet, no ID marking,

1 land impression, wood imbedded in mushroomed area.”


What we plainly see in this Patrick Garland Evidence Inventory Panel ID  #1 and #1a is that Panel ID #1 & #1a  DO NOT  have any ID markings, however the LAPD Property Report  clearly shows that is simply untrue. The official LAPD Property Report describes the following “all items marked C.D.W. for I.D.”


See this for yourself.


(I want to remind the Reader this very thing has happened before.  In the course of my examination of Special Exhibit 10  I discovered both the Kennedy neck bullet (Peo. 47) and the Goldstein bullet  (Peo. 52) had substituted id markings on their bases. And here we see Garland reports there are no id markings on either Panel id #1 or #1a while the LAPD Property Report clearly states otherwise. Additionally, this bullet switching is also seen with the four Grand Jury test bullets (GJ5B). In short, what we see was going on was a pattern of reckless, wanton bullet substitutions during the Wenke examination).


Then there is the Judge Arthur Alarcon subterfuge


We know the Judge Alarcon Court Order dated 6-7-68 required a court order to access the Grand Jury evidence – and we see printed on one of the copies of the LAPD Property Report that these 2 Grand Jury spent slugs were transferred to SUS on 8-24-68.


The SUS records contain no such Court Order for Grand Jury 6D transfer to SUS.  The only time Grand Jury 6D left the custody of the Grand Jury was when they were transferred to the Sirhan trial.


A replay


Isn’t this is a replay of the Iver Johnson revolver, Item #11 and the eight crime scene shell casings, Item #12, were transferred to SUS on 8-24-68 –  also without a court order?


And, we must remember that the gun received in evidence by the Grand Jury DID NOT RECORD THE SERIAL NUMBER OF THE GUN in the official Los Angeles County Grand Jury Transcript. That is an unbelievable but a true fact.


In short, the two spent bullets in the custody of the Grand Jury – identified as 6D –  is recorded in the LAPD Property Report on 6-5-68 as Item #46 and these two spent bullets were in fact  “marked CDW for ID”.  However, the Garland Evidence Inventory reports “no ID marking”  on Panel ID 1 & 1a.  Further, all of the seven examiners  reported the presence of wood tracings embedded in PID # 1&1a. -  And  remember the door post in the pantry was made of wood.


So, what we unquestionably have is solid proof that Grand Jury 6D is yet another fraud – the purpose of which was to HIDE those two bullets in the pantry door post. Because those two bullets were more bullets than the Sirhan gun could hold. And that meant a second shooter was firing a gun in the pantry.


The badly flawed Bullet Worksheets – I will never let go


There is something called the Bullet Worksheets which each of the Judge Wenke examiners in 1975 used to report their scientific findings of each evidence bullet he  was examining.


But the Bullet Worksheets were missing something


There was only ONE official evidence inventory for the Sirhan evidence bullets. And this single evidence inventory recorded the ID markings on each evidence bullet that was turned over to the seven examiners. That single evidence inventory is the 1975 Patrick Garland Evidence Inventory.


However, the Bullet Worksheets which were given to each of the seven examiners did NOT have the necessary column whereby each examiner could record for HIMSELF, the ID marking appearing on the evidence bullet he was in fact examining !!!!!!!!!!!!!


What justification can there be that there was no place on the Bullet Worksheet for the examiner to record the ID engraving of the bullet he was examining?  More importantly, why should there be only ONE person’s report of  the bullet ID engravings? It simply defies logic.


 I would want each examiner to tell me what ID engravings he sees on the bullet that is in his hands during his examination. What is WRONG with that ?


Before I forget


(Clear photographs for Last Bullet (not) Standing Report)


Reader, please note clear photographs for Last Bullet (not) Standing report are in  my January 2008 Update (Part 2); section Q;  pages 176, 179 and 180. Please check them out


Returning to 6D bullets


In closing, I restate my charge - the real reason for this fraud is too many bullets in the pantry. Period.


This Report is extremely serious because this 6D fraud tells us there were more than eight bullets fired in the pantry.  And since the Sirhan gun only holds eight bullets - this means there was more than one gun firing in the pantry. That is the reason SUS cooked up that fantastic story that two spent bullets were found lying under some newspapers of the front passenger seat of Sirhan’s car. !!!


We plainly see SUS played fast and loose with the bullets and the records. And the only reason they managed to pull it off was by taking the RFK assassination investigation out of the hands of the LAPD.  The fact is SUS answered to no one. And their taking the investigation out of the hands of the LAPD Crime Lab should never have been allowed to take place. Wasn’t anyone minding the store ?


There can be no denial that this particular scheme by Special Unit Senator was carried out for the sole purpose of hiding the two extra  pantry scene bullets  -  which means  more bullets were fired in the pantry than Sirhan’s gun can hold. And that means two shooters in the pantry.


Unfortunately, my good friend and great guide in investigating this case, criminalist William W. Harper, is not alive for me to share these many discoveries with. If not for  Harper sharing the many insider LAPD leaks he was receiving with me, I would never – ever have known what a fraud was taking place. It is only right that I honor that brave and honest man.


Deaf ears for too long


Admittedly,  I have little patience with most of the mainstream media whose withered little backbones too often get in the way of reporting important news – more so if it is politically incorrect.  It’s a rotten system.  And they have been getting away with it for too long.


A whole new age - Enter the boys in the White Hats – the Internet Heroes


As always, I thank God for the miracle of the Internet, without which my screaming little voice would never be heard. That’s for sure.


Rose Lynn Mangan     8-2-2015