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This Report contains behind the scenes information surrounding the amazing record of the switching and the hiding of the Kennedy neck bullet, Peo. 47. It is an example of  bold, brazen and arrogant fraud.


Reader, the following unbelievable events actually did take place behind the scenes in the process of falsifying the ballistics evidence in the Robert F. Kennedy assassination investigation. And I present the official exhibits to prove my charges.


Let us begin with the Robert F. Kennedy Autopsy Report brilliantly performed by Dr. Thomas Noguchi.


On page 24 of Dr. Noguchi’s highly detailed Autopsy Report, under the heading  “Bullet Recovery”  he wrote the following:


“A deformed bullet  (later identified as .22 caliber) is recovered at the terminus of the wound path just described at 8:40 A.M., June 6, 1968. There is a unilateral, transverse deformation, the contour of which is indicated on an accompanying diagram. The initials, TN, and the numbers 31 are placed on the base of the bullet for future identification. The usual evidence envelope is prepared. The bullet, so ,marked and so enclosed as evidence, is given to Sergeant W. Jordan, No. 7167, Ramparts Detectives, Los Angeles Police Department, at 8:49 A.M. this date for further studies.”


Chain of custody


At once we see a red flag. The legal/official chain of custody began in the autopsy room when Dr. Noguchi turned over the recovered bullet with the inscribed marking TN31 on the bullet base to Sergeant W. Jordan, No. 7167 at 8:49 A.M.


 Break in the chain of custody (Jordan should have held on for dear life to the Kennedy neck  bullet  – but he didn’t)


Change of custody  (WHY?)


Not only did LAPD Officer Leroy M. Orozco,  No. 11072  somehow get custody of the alleged Kennedy neck bullet AWAY from the hands of Sergeant Jordan – who by law had legal custody of the Kennedy neck bullet  – Officer Orozco  then proceeded to write a totally illegal LAPD Property Report.


On the right side of the LAPD Property Report there is a column that reads “SERIAL NUMBER (s) AND ENGRAVING”. This column is left blank. (PLEASE examine)


Let us examine what Orozco did that was so egregious.  He extended his writing OVER the provided reporting space and ran into the special column space that was designated solely for recording the serial number and engraving.  Thus no one would notice that the serial number was NOT logged in.  No one would see the gaping blank space where the serial number should legally have been recorded.


But that was not the end of Orozco’s work – instead of writing the bullet engraving identification in the appropriate column he wrote the coroner’s case number  IN THE TEXT  area of his report!


But the information that was required of the reporting officer is very clear. The form specifically calls for the identification of the bullet (engraving) and not the coroner’s case number.


And you don’t have to go to law school or be a crime lab expert to tell you Orozco’s LAPD Property Report for the Kennedy neck bullet (Item # 53 and at trial it became Peo. 47) is an outrageously brazen fraud. There is no excuse for it.


Read it for yourself in above exhibits.  I’m talking about the People’s business


Bullet shape


Let us now take a close look at Dr. Noguchi’s Autopsy Report for this Kennedy neck bullet and you will see he wrote  “…the contour of which is indicated on an accompanying diagram.” That diagram has vanished. It is not in the Autopsy Report.


A hidden problem with the Kennedy neck bullet.


During my numerous trips to the California State Archives in Sacramento, Ca. I took a number of photographs of the Coroner’s Evidence Envelope written by Dr. Thomas Noguchi and what I noticed is that Dr. Noguchi drew a little diagram of the damaged bullet on the left of this envelope. Ah – but he also wrote that the bullet is a .22 cal. Bullet, Luballoy coating, that it has 5 grooves,  R  (twist direction), .22 cal long, recovered from 6th cervical vertebrae (area).


Dr. Noguchi’s 5 groove count MUST GO


The big cheese at the top told Dr. Noguchi that he was not a ballistics expert and therefore his groove count was not accurate. Poor Noguchi backed down, true, he was not a ballistics expert and so he conceded his bullet groove count could be mistaken.


But, wait – Noguchi was not alone in the 5 groove count


No one paid attention to D.D.A. John Minor’s standing alongside Dr. Noguchi in the Autopsy Examining Room and that he too counted 5 grooves!!!!!


How do I know this?


Harper told me that John Minor also counted 5 grooves, but I could not write about this stunning information without the necessary documentation – until now because I had to have the documentation.


Here it is


This corroboration is found in one of Harper’s official interviews in the time frame of the Judge Wenke Hearing.  Harper stated under oath that Dr. Noguchi and Mr. John Minor found 5 grooves on the bullet following the removal of the bullet from the Senator’s body.


More importantly, the coroner’s envelope reports five grooves on 6-6-68 but, Patrick Garland  records 6 grooves in his official 1975 Evidence Inventory on the Kennedy neck bullet.


Clearly, this is a serious conflict that deserves some explanation. Because, as Harper said  bullets don’t grow grooves.(read Harper’s testimony for yourself in above Exhibits)


The point I make is this. SUS needed and did break Dr. Noguchi’s resolve about the Kennedy neck bullet having 5 grooves. And as for John Minor -  he wasn’t even notified about the discrepancy.   (I think it’s called containment)


Mysteriously, the records are silent about John Minor also having examined the Kennedy neck bullet and that he too counted 5 grooves.


Immediately, I look to common sense that this was not Dr. Noguchi’s first autopsy report.  His job training would have included the need for complete thoroughness and accuracy in reporting the condition of extracted crime scene bullets - especially in a high profile case.


And so we see Dr. Noguchi wasn’t alone in counting 5 grooves on the Kennedy neck bullet. Not to forget, Dr. Noguchi wrote down his finding of 5 grooves on the Coroner’s Evidence Envelope for the Kennedy neck bullet.


More bad acts


And then we see the Kennedy neck bullet was switched in 1975  (Patrick Garland’s Evidence Inventory incorrectly records “D”W”T”N” on Peo. 47 bullet base instead of the correct “TN31” engraving by Dr. Noguchi.)


Another rat


Then, in March of 1994 I examined the Kennedy neck bullet in the company of criminalist Allen Gilmore at the California State Archives and I observed a well- shaped Kennedy neck bullet that did not have the unilateral transverse deformation that Dr. Noguchi described in the autopsy Report – and – also, Dr. Noguchi’s bullet deformity is seen on his drawing on the coroner’s envelope.


So, what to do about the well shaped Kennedy neck bullet I observed at CSA in March, 1994?


I pleaded and cajoled and stood on my head until Lowell Bradford who was one of  the  1975 examiners to please come with me to the California State Archives and examine and photograph the Kennedy neck bullet. Was that well-shaped bullet I saw in March ‘94 the same Kennedy neck bullet Bradford examined in 1975?


So what happened?  Bradford relented and accompanied me a few months later to CSA  (August, 1994) with his bullet comparison microscope and proceeded to examine the Kennedy neck bullet.


Then all hell broke loose.


Bradford suddenly declared the bullets were “un-examinable” and on the spot abruptly terminated the bullet examination because someone – we do not know who -  had smeared the bullets with a generous grease-like coating. I kid you not.


(note, the well- shaped Kennedy neck bullet did not have the grease coating three months earlier when criminalist Allen Gilmore and I examined this bullet)


Bradford’s Report of this unbelievable incident is on this web site. Read it for yourself.


But wait, there’s more to this twisted Peo. 47 story


It will be remembered that I made the shocking discovery in the summer of 1994 that Peo. 47 and Peo. 52 were in  fact switched bullets and I completed my report of this bullet switching for attorney Lawrence Teeter to include in his court filing (1996).


Here is a story for the ages


While the Sirhan trial was underway in downtown Los Angeles in February, 1969,  Dr. Noguchi was in Chicago, Ill. to attend a conference.


He met with Robert Joling at the Drake Hotel in Chicago and handed Joling a little coin envelope containing a photomicrograph negative depicting two unidentified comparison bullets.  Dr. Noguchi told Joling to “Hold onto this for safekeeping. We may need it some day.”


It is important to emphasize that Dr. Noguchi did not identify the two bullets depicted in that extremely important photomicrograph negative (measuring approximately 1”x 1”).


Remember the time of this momentous event took place in February, 1969.


Then, the next month, on March 18, 1969 fireworks went off


Dr. Noguchi was FIRED from his job as L.A. County Coroner for supposed gallows humor comments he made. And that he might be mentally unbalanced.


Then, on July 31, 1969 Dr. Noguchi got his job back. (I have always attributed that  oddly coincidental time-line  connection of the photomicrograph in Joling’s hands to be at the bottom of this about face firing-hiring affair)


What next?


There actually exists an in house document wherein two D.D.A.s (Mr. John Minor and Mr. Fukuto) asked Dr. Noguchi to RECONSIDER his report of the near contact entry shots and would he change his Report? (this unbelievable arm twisting conversation took place on 6-7-68 right after Grand Jury proceedings).


Because it is so hard to believe that amazing request actually did take place I took the time to locate that RARE stunning document – note the quality of the printing is poor -  but it is un mistakable. This sort of thing is bad.


Dr. Noguchi backed down about the groove count but he stood his ground about the near contact shots and the next thing he knew he was fired in the cheap shot attempt to thoroughly discredit him with his job firing.


But, as providence would have it that little sucker – the photomicrograph - was safely in the hands of Joling for safekeeping and it was one giant Ace in the hole.


And, not to forget, Wolfer was ORDERED – NO PICTURES OF THE BULLETS. But,  he couldn’t resist  and at 9:00 P.M. on 6-6-68 Wolfer took his very own souvenir photos!


And why was that photomicrograph so important? Well, it was none other than Wolfer’s Special Exhibit 10 photomicrograph !!!! And that  photomicrograph was reported by the seven examiners to have the ID engraving  “D””W””T”N” on Peo. 47 bullet base and the P.I.D.  # 6 engraving on Peo. 52 bullet base.


Special Exhibit 10 was a witness  ready to pounce (and it did)


It will be recalled I made the discovery in 1994 that in fact those were the wrong ID markings on both  bullet bases -  Peo. 47 and Peo. 52 but I did not make that information public for about another two years (1996). First of all, I knew no one would listen and I knew my standing was zero in the scientific community.


Who is going to listen to a housewife?


And I was right. Three well known experts decided they would not lend their names to my Report. But, one of those experts who shut me out was Robert Joling and then, years later, he violated my copyright protection rights by literally using my very specific  “A, B, C “ research report in his book “Open and Shut Case”!


As soon as I discovered the “A,B,C” copyright infringement I notified both Joling and my attorney.  And then, no reason was publicly given, Joling stopped offering “Open and Shut Case” for sale. That is a true story.


I should point out that the co-author of “Open and Shut Case” is Phillip van Praag – and  that he was not involved in any way in that copyright violation business.


Those three important men shut my research out on the grounds that my Reports were not written in a “scientific format”. What insufferable snobbery! Maybe they were a little  jealous of my discoveries and that I thought out of the box. And I’m an outsider. Needless to say they behaved badly.


Note this correction: In an earlier writing I incorrectly attributed the initials “WEP” on the note attached to the Baggett Memo . It should read  “MCA” for McCallister and the initials “MAC”  refers to J.R. MacArthur.


Another fire to put out


Although Harper’s Balliscan Camera photograph of Peo. 47 and Peo. 54 depicted 6 grooves on both those bullets, there was a bigger problem. A careful examination of Peo. 47 and Peo. 54 revealed those bullets were fired from two different guns and different bullet manufacture.


Harper’s findings  were secretly examined and fully validated by Long Beach criminalist Larry Baggett in the Baggett Memo (more about the Baggett Memo in a later Report)


There is yet another problem I have and that has to do with Dr. Noguchi’s identification of Peo. 47 before Baxter Ward Hearing and the Baxter Ward Balliscan Camera photograph of Peo. 47 in 1974.


I smell a rat


A while back I stumbled across an investigator’s notes (in SUS files) about Peo. 47 having been photographed in 1974 with the Balliscan Camera. (see this investigator’s notes in above exhibits)


This investigator’s notes reveal that the Balliscan Camera was not set up properly and would take more time. So as not to bore the witnesses present with that time delay it was decided to take them on a tour of the facility.


My question: Shouldn’t Dr. Noguchi and entourage have remained IN ATTENDANCE AND  MAINTAIN ACTUAL LEGAL CUSTODY  AT ALL TIMES of Peo. 47 from the time of Dr. Noguchi’s identification to the actual photographing of Peo. 47 with the Balliscan Camera?




The latest


The recent Pepper/Dusek filing of the Writ of Certiorari with SCOTUS continues to include some very strong charges, but, unfortunately, it also includes the same carry-over ballistics errors that plagued their prior court filings.


It is my strong opinion that none of Sirhan attorneys had the necessary knowledge of the many proofs of actual evidence tampering and ballistics fraud that exists with the evidence in this case. (nor does the prosecution have sufficient knowledge of the Sirhan/RFK evidence)


Justice in the courtroom


What I discovered is that the justice system (about 99.99%) is overloaded, overtaxed, over-rated, badly bloated and just plain no good.  So,  What to do? 


Never, ever do something stupid. Never end up in court.   (better to get run over by a bus or fall head first in a cement mixer  – or get lost on a California freeway  or any hard luck story - But just don’t end up in court and have  to defend yourself).


But, unfortunately you are a slow learner, ignore all warnings and now find yourself in court.  Let’s face it - it’s curtain time.  (a time to sit shiva for you)


Rose Lynn Mangan                        August 22, 2016