The Coup de Grace for History


 or -The Trapped Rat in F3906:62


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Here is a very brief story of another major fraud. It is found in Peo. 55 description in  “Appendix H: List and Description of Trial Exhibits”.


(Appendix H: List and Description of Trial Exhibits is the official inventory that accompanied the Sirhan B. Sirhan evidence/exhibits to the California State Archives in 1988)


The fraud:


“F3906: 62      Trial        Peo. 55      spent .22 cartridges (2); expended test bullets (3); shell casings (2)”


What the Reader has just read is  “spent .22 cartridges (2)”.


In plain English, those  “SPENT .22 CARTRIDGES (2)”  are just TOO MANY bullets !!  Alas, the cat’s out of the bag.


Where those two extra spent .22 cartridges came from and where they went is anybody’s guess. But one thing is for sure – that’s no way to conduct an investigation as big as the Robert F. Kennedy assassination - unless you’re just plain crooked.


Not to forget – a police gun  (H-18602)  was used for the three test bullets in Peo. 55 and also, the two test shell casings had been REMOVED from Peo. 55 evidence envelope prior to Officer Wolfer’s trial testimony. 


The result of the removal of those two test shell casings was that the Sirhan Trial Transcript does NOT record any test shell casings for Peo. 55 ! Imagine that, a test shot envelope  (Peo. 55) with a cop’s gun containing three test bullets but NO test shell casings! Does that make sense? (not to forget GJ5B – also no test shell casings)


Though it is tempting, I will not linger with this trapped rat – for that is what “F3906: 62” most assuredly is – a trapped rat.


The above is a perfect example of funny farm science at work  -  one strange science


Rose Lynn Mangan         April  6, 2016