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This Report will take a deeper look into the 5 grooves that Coroner Thomas Noguchi counted on the Robert F. Kennedy bullet in the autopsy examining room on 6-6-68.


The necessity for this deeper look into the validity of the true Peo. 47 bullet came about as a result of the 5 groove vs. 6 groove bullet count difference.  From the moment I discovered the serious break in the chain of custody for the Kennedy neck bullet - before it was even booked into evidence, I knew this problem required deeper investigation.


The fact is this important break in the chain of custody cannot be explained away as easily as the 5 groove bullet count. And that is the purpose of this Report.


Let’s see what was really going on


Under questioning at the Baxter Ward Special Hearing on May 13, 1974 Dr. Noguchi

was shown a bullet purported to be Peo. 47 and asked about the 5 groove count. This of course came about as a result of  William Harper raising serious questions about the authenticity of the Sirhan gun and the  bullet groove count. (5 grooves vs. 6 grooves).


There was no shutting Harper up - was it 5 or 6 grooves?


I found Dr. Noguchi’s answer to be most interesting. We see on p. 87 of the Ward  transcript in answer to the question about the number of grooves he observed on the Peo. 47 bullet in his hands Dr. Noguchi answered:


“Dr. Noguchi:  At that time, I quickly counted a land and groove number which I thought was a five, and the land and the groove ratio was one to one, and a right-hand twist.


 Supervisor Ward:  Was anybody accompanying you in that examination, or were you alone as you counted the grooves?


Dr. Noguchi:  I was alone. However, if I just – just to make a comment, I was just trying to account (sic) the grooves in this fashion, and I thought I counted five. …”


There was a Q and A about the special training Dr. Noguchi received and then Supervisor Ward again asked Dr. Noguchi the following:


“How many grooves did the bullet have?


Dr. Noguchi:  Under separate conditions, under less pressure, so to speak, I counted again and again and again, many times. It appears six grooves which one was rather deformed on one side which may have been the reason for my reading in the first time as a five, lands and grooves.”


Here is my response –


The 5 groove Kennedy neck bullet that left the autopsy room in Officer Jordan’s hands NEVER made it to booking that very bullet in evidence; instead there is the illegal, the strangest transfer of custody (sans documentation) of the autopsy room bullet into Officer Orozco’s custody. (Dr. Noguchi placed the Kennedy neck bullet – Peo. 47 – into the hands of Officer Jordan, No. 7167 in the autopsy room at 8:49 A.M.)


The record is silent about how Officer Orozco, No. 11072  took control of Peo. 47


This means the authentic Peo. 47  bullet technically becomes a questioned bullet once it  came into Officer Orozco’s custody. And it was Orozco and not Jordan who booked that questioned bullet in evidence. And then Orozco did the unpardonable - he filed an LAPD Property Report that unbelievably did not record Dr. Noguchi’s engraving TN31 on the true Peo. 47 bullet base. That is simply unheard of.


Dr. Noguchi kept in the dark


Dr. Noguchi must not have been informed about the illegal break in the chain of custody that occurred when Officer Orozco – under unknown circumstances – took possession of Peo. 47 away, out of the hands of Officer Jordan who, it will be remembered, had legal custody of the bullet from the hand of  Dr. Noguchi in the autopsy room.


Let’s put it this way


Instead of Officer Jordan admitting Peo. 47 into evidence  - mysteriously -   it was Officer Orozco, sans legal authorization,  who admitted the now alleged Peo. 47 into evidence – sans Dr. Noguchi’s engraving  -  and wrote a most unusual and highly questionable LAPD Property Report.  That fishy document is a hidden witness to fraud.


There is no possible justification for anyone not recording the bullet ID engraving  on  the LAPD Property Report as required – by law - by the Reporting Officer.


With the above irregularities in mind, I make the serious charge that when Dr. Noguchi was asked at the Baxter Ward Hearing to count the number of grooves on the Peo. 47 bullet placed before him that it was literally impossible for him to do so.  Why?


Because not only was there was a break in the chain of custody, but a few months after the Ward Hearing the examiners were given a fake Peo. 47 bullet !


Aside from the questioned bullet groove count –  we must ask what bullet was is placed in Dr. Noguchi’s hands at the Baxter Ward Hearing?


We must not minimize the importance of the fact that the seven examiners were given a FAKE Kennedy neck bullet in 1975 – just a few months after Dr. Noguchi was shown the partial 6 groove bullet at the Ward Hearing. And frankly, I found Dr. Noguchi’s confirmation of six grooves to be luke-warm at best. It certainly wasn’t definitive.


The 5 groove count and DDA Miner


About DDA Miner also counting 5 grooves on the Kennedy neck bullet – there is no reason for Harper to lie.  Likewise, there is no reason for Dr. Noguchi to lie. 


It is certainly possible that Dr. Noguchi was engaged for a few moments elsewhere thus unaware of DDA Miner’s bullet examination. After all, it is possible Dr. Noguchi simply did not see DDA Miner’s examination of the Kennedy neck bullet.


There is no question, neither Dr. Noguchi nor William Harper was untruthful.


KNOCK-OFFs do happen


Thinking out of the box. It is not out of the realm of possibility and even probability for an experienced firearms expert to create a bullet that closely resembled Dr. Noguchi’s description of Peo. 47 and then have the engraving TN31 inscribed on the base of the knock-off bullet.


After all, SUS was staffed with talented experts who knew what they were doing and creating a phony bullet would not have been too great a challenge.


Let us not forget the fake sales receipts involved with Peo. 47 bullet


I wish to remind the Reader of this amazing beginning  -  there exists a fraudulent replica sales receipt with the same logo and same receipt number  (the Sportarm sales receipt) of  the Lock, Stock ‘n Barrel sales receipt for the mini mag bullets Sirhan was alleged to have bought– one of which was attributed to be the Peo. 47 bullet!!




We begin by following the fake Sportarm sales receipt thence on to the mirror image  (chemically burned) Lock, Stock ‘N Barrel receipt to Dr. Noguchi’s transfer of Peo. 47 to Officer Jordan’s hand – and then STOP. Legally, the chain of custody is broken in Officer Jordan’s hand BEFORE the alleged TN31 bullet was booked in evidence!!!!!


Just look at this


Instead of the required original Lock, Stock ‘N Barrel sales receipt  - do you know what happened? A PHOTOGRAPH of the Lock, Stock ‘N Barrel sales receipt was entered in evidence with the Grand Jury (I included the SUS document that testing of that sales receipt was in fact completed prior to the Grand Jury Hearing – so why the charade of entering a photograph into evidence?)


A photograph showing the badly charred condition of the Lock, Stock ‘N Barrel sales receipt is on this web site.


What happened next -


At the Sirhan trial this time the physical, the chemically burned Lock, Stock ‘N Barrel sales receipt was entered into evidence. But it was so chemically burned it was  impossible to read any of the writing. (I believe it was identified as Peo. 26, I write this from memory.)


Let us not overlook the fact that the origin of Peo. 47 began with two fabricated/burned  (mini mag) bullet sales receipts. The Sportarm sales receipt (UNBELIEVABLY, has Sirhan’s DR number),  and also has the identical receipt number as the Lock Stock ‘N Barrel bullet sales receipt number.  (see my Grand Hoax report on this web site)


I will never stop asking -  how does one explain the fact that the Wenke examiners were given a fake Kennedy neck bullet just a few months after Dr. Noguchi examined it at  the Baxter Ward  Hearing?


With all of those little fake Peo. 47 bullets scurrying about, how would anyone know with an absolute certainty that the Ward Peo. 47 bullet shown to Dr. Noguchi was the real bullet?


It is important that I not give the false impression that everyone connected with SUS was corrupt.  Not so, there is no doubt that most of the Officers recruited from LAPD were good honest men who were doing their jobs but were unaware of what SUS was actually doing). It is the men at the very top of SUS who were rigging the evidence.


On a personal note


It is my opinion there are a number of people who are not very pleased with some of my sharp writings  - now I won’t dance around what is going on. From what I am led to believe my open criticism of the errors in Sirhan court filings is not welcome. Never mind that my criticisms are based on actual fact.


A lot of folks are pleased when I criticize the prosecution, but, not so when I criticize the defense. It is no sin to make honest errors, no matter which side of the line it is on. (just fix it)


Rose Lynn Mangan    (move over little doggie, I’m moving in))     August, 29, 2016