"Who will guard [against] the guardians?"

- Juvenal, Satires



A- Rafer Johnson and the gun:

I arranged for a meeting with Rafer Johnson in the spring of 1973 because I wanted to ask him what he did with the pantry scene gun which he had possession of for almost two hours.  He told me he wrote the gun id number in his diary and he gave me his unlisted telephone number.  I called him repeatedly and he would never return my calls.  In fact he refused to communicate with Sirhan's attorney re: the gun id number.  My feeling after all these years is that Rafer will not assist Sirhan in any way.  Rafer, please give us the gun number!


B-  Criminalist William Harper and leaks from LAPD:

When Harper learned I made frequent trips up to San Quentin to visit Sirhan he shared information with me to pass along to Sirhan. 


C-  Hypnotism:

Mary Sirhan and I received telephone calls informing us of Sirhan's involvement with hypnotism shortly before 6/5/68.


D-  Jerry Owens:

The Jerry Owens claim remains a mystery while there is merit to his story, Sirhan vehemently denies it.


E-  Thane Eugene Cesar:

The wrong serial number of Cesar's gun was sent to CII, why not the correct number?  Ted Charach's brilliant research was his discovery of both the Cesar gun sales receipt as well as the Cesar gun itself.


F-  Sirhan at firing range:

There was a look a like at the Corona firing range, but this is kept secret.


G-  Bullet particles:

These particles can still be examined using today's technology.


H-  Sirhan guilty plea:

He was promised a prisoner exchange if he would plead guilty.


I-  Sirhan repairs his car:

For about a year and a half Sirhan's car was inoperable then in May of 68 he repaired it.


J-  "Photographer" on the platform:

During Kennedy's speech a "photographer" was observed taking pictures.


K-  Khaibar Khan- Michael Wayne - Keith Duane Gilbert - Sirhan

This is an amazing coincidence.


L-  Jake Williams property report is a fake:

I invite crime labs and examiners of questioned documents to examine my charges.


M-  Judge Alarcon's court order was violated:

The records will show the time frame of this court order violation.


N-  The Los Angeles police department property report differs referencing item 71:

What this amounts to is hiding the torn gun label from the gun box.


O-  Munir Sirhan's purchase of the gun:

Munir was on probation for selling narcotics to a narcotics undercover agent and while on probation he buys a gun.


P-  Sirhan's "diary":

Only legible pages used.


Q-  Additional documents and photographs:

This includes fair play to Cuba SUS evidence card.


In conclusion, I feel there isn't a crime lab in the world that would defend this abysmal record of wrong-doing and outright fraud in many instances of the evidence of the Sirhan/Kennedy case. It is especially egregious that there is a woeful lack of chain of custody for nearly all of the ballistics evidence. Even the Ninth Commandment admonishes us: “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”