Part 3


I open Part 3 with the Sirhan trial transcript page 3967. It, along with page 164, tells us how this unholy pact between prosecution and defense was so slickly facilitated.


I reach out to law schools everywhere to look at this terrible insult to the legal

system in America. I also beg crime labs everywhere to examine my charges of the unbelievable wrongdoings that I have discovered.


Do not take my word for these discoveries, read for yourself the actual court records and

official documents showing substituted bullets, substituted evidence envelopes, the

use of different guns for test/comparison bullets and on and on. Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination was one of America’s darkest days and Sirhan’s mock trial was the suffocation of the judicial system to cover that crime.


I promise that if you examine these records it will break your heart.


1 – Page 3967

2 – Description of Sirhan case exhibits from Dep. DA Sidney D. Trapp, Jr. to Chief Dep.

DA John E. Howard. It will be noted there is no mention of GJ 5B (LACGJ transcript id

number). It is an envelope containing four test bullets fired from Iver Johnson 22 cal.

Gun id #H53725 by LAPD of Officer Melendrez on 6-5-68. However, the LACGJ received the alleged Sirhan gun into evidence but did not record the gun’s serial number in the transcript. Why not?

3 – William Harper Affidavit and related documents.

4 – CII teletype re destruction date of Jake Williams gun H18602 – a clear copy.

5 – After much searching I finally found Sirhan Trial Transcript pages 681-702. They relate to Part 2, section M. Transfer of gun # H53725 on Aug. 24, 1968 was a clear violation of Judge Alarcon’s Court Order.

6 – Connecting the dots by SUS

7 – Jim Braden signed statement together with Braden related documents. This relates both to the SUS investigation mentioned in section 6 above, as well as to the Kassab investigation mentioned in section 15 below.

8 – Additional Jerry Owen’s records.

9 – The Karl Uecker interview interested me, particularly the part about Sirhan’s blue outfit resembling a bus boy’s blue dress code uniform. This better helped Sirhan to visually fit in at the hotel. I am interested in the men wearing gold-colored sweaters in and near the pantry of the hotel, and in the polka dot dress worn by the girl who asked Sirhan to pour her a cup of coffee with lots of cream and lots of sugar – just before Sirhan blacked out.

10 – Sirhan Defense attorneys: Grant Cooper was in hot water for lying to Federal Judge Gray about his possession of Friars Club card-cheating secret GJ transcripts. Cooper was in fact under threat of a Federal indictment at the very time he was stipulating to all of the

ballistics in the Sirhan trial. Then there is Emil Zola Berman. He leaked the secret plea talks to the press before the jury was sequestered. No one touched him. Then we see Russell Parsons with his history of past mob connected clients. It appears to me Sirhan was made to look like he was crazy before he was thrown under the train.

Then there was attorney Lawrence Teeter, Sirhan’s last attorney who died two years ago.

He meant well and tried his best – but this case was simply too overwhelming for one

person to handle. Especially in light of the fact that he was not being paid and had to

earn a living. He simply couldn’t handle it alone. In fact when I hired him (Sirhan had

given me signed limited power of attorney to hire and fire attorneys) I made it clear to

Mr. Teeter that I would bring in additional help should it become necessary. Teeter

agreed to that condition. But he wanted to go solo and he simply couldn’t handle this

enormously complex case. Additionally, Teeter had health issues, but he wouldn’t accept

help and I gave up on him out of frustration. I know he did his best.

11 – Documents about pantry scene bullet holes (door frames). What I do not like about

this affair is that Daryl Gates (I believe he was the Assistant Chief at the time) – April (?) 1969, before Sirhan’s appeals were begun – Gates took it upon himself to have those wood panels destroyed, thus forever foreclosing the possibility that future tests might be ordered. For God’s sake, how could this have happened in America?

12 – Wolfer’s log, a clear copy

13 – Thane Eugene Cesar interview 6-5-68

14 – The 400 dollars on Sirhan 6-5-68

15 – Kassab et al --- with additional photographs and additional documents. This relates to the investigation of a real estate scam that involved the police officers and city council member mentioned in the SUS investigation detailed in section 6.

16 – SUS examines Jim Garrison file

17 – Ramistella


In closing Part 3, I wish to say that we are all pained by the murder of Senator Robert

F. Kennedy, but equally as bad would be to forget him and those responsible for his

death. And what he stood for.


It is my opinion that the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy were approved and engineered by the same government officials. Lastly, if Sirhan’s gun killed RFK, then why was there a need to use two different guns for test comparison bullets, and why switch the bullets? Why was there substituted evidence envelopes, and why were there the many other chain of evidence violations that we see here detailed on this web site? Why?